Anjiparampil farm and garden It is a general recommendation of how to care your garden throughout the year; obviously the weather plays a pivotal role in garden care, so these are just guidelines for your information. Early Spring: The sun’s getting a little stronger… the days are getting a little longer… and you can finally get out there and start to get the gardens ready for another growing season. Now’s the time to clean things up after the winter and to do another check of your soil chemistry. In some areas you can plant early vegetables. Late Spring: As the weather warms up, the real gardening starts. Some of your perennial favorites are in full bloom and need spring tending. Summer crops are getting planted—and spring veggies are already ready to pick! Enjoy your spring fever. But remember to keep an eye on the forecasts and protect against late frosts. Summer: Long, hot days and warm, starry nights —this is prime gardening and growing time. Keep an eye on your vegetables, and harvest before they get overgrown. Remember that regular weeding, watering and pest control are important. Keep color going in your flowerbeds by deadheading and adding bright annuals where needed. And bring color inside by picking big bouquets! Autumn: Fall can actually be the most beautiful, most enjoyable time in the garden. The weather’s cooler, the colors are bright and your biggest vegetable harvests are on the way to the table! Fall is also the most important time to impact the health and vitality of your garden soil by adding organic matter and soil amendments. Don’t forget a final fall weeding in the flowerbeds. Winter: In most areas, winter means a break from gardening chores. But it’s a great time to take stock of the past year’s successes and challenges, and to plan for an even greater garden next year!