About Us

‘Plant a tree and then sit back and wait,’ says an old proverb. And perhaps this simple statement should be at the heart of the kind of sustainable development that meets everyday needs without jeopardizing the requirements of future generations. We are all linked with each of our actions having a subsequent effect, so we need to be conscious of our relationship the world around us and other living creatures. This is why our establishment has always been totally committed to acting responsibly towards the environment, by introducing new environmentally sustainable products that safeguards the planet’s natural resources. The spectacular growth of Anjiparambil Agri Super Market in twenty years is solely attributed to the vision, dynamism and idealism of our founder Mr. Anjiparambil Antony Paul-Managing Director of Anjiparambil Agri & Cleaning-Division; being from a agricultural family, explains his natural affinity towards the farming community. Under the guidance of his father Late Mr. Anjiparambil Joseph Antony he grows to be a successful farmer & a business man. Being a farmer himself, Mr. Paul felt that his knowledge of farming should not be confined to himself, but taken to the people where it could be of practical use to farmers. With that ambition Mr. Paul diverted himself to a new vertical “Agri-business & Agri-Clinic” .In that period agricultural growth was sluggish; it causes concern. New economic concepts-globalization and free trade added new dimensions to our concern. How should we refine our extension system? There was an urgent need to accelerate agricultural growth to address the farmers about greener future .He found a solution to reach till the farmers by starting Agri-business in the name of Anjiparambil Agro Fertilizers in the year 1989.He says it was a humble contribution to the green revolution. Today, the seed he sowed has grown into a giant tree, meeting the diverse need of the farmers. With this, his ambition to serve the farmers grew multifold. He set himself the objective of giving farmers the benefit of effective and appropriate Fertilizers, Micronutrient Fertilizers, Bio-Fertilizers, Pesticides and Bio-Pesticides and lot more based on his experience. In the beginning service & products was available to limited, year after year service & product range was widened and new targets were explored. With the help of his elder son Mr. Geemon Paul and his younger son Mr. Chintu Paul the organization has entered the entire Kerala Market and which is expanding to entire South Indian Market. Today, the organization cover in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Plantation, Forestry, Tilling, Weeding, Tree Felling, Garden, Lawn Moving, Health Care, Pest Controlling, Pressure Cleaning and Cleaning. Today, all the product and services of this organization are well accepted by the farming communities and agricultural departments of Kerala.

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